30 gifts for people who are still mad at Nate Silver

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Have you heard the news about the election?

It was a real upset, especially because polls reflected an outcome which was not the one that ended up happening.

For some, placing trust in the polls was the only way they survived the weeks prior to the election. However, this resulted in a lot of anger following the results. Namely a lot of anger at Nate Silver, the man behind the site FiveThirtyEight.

And if one of the people angry at Nate Silver happens to be on your holiday shopping list, then here are some ideas for what to buy them.

1. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Calculator

Image: amazon

Price: $99.99
Now your friend can focus on calculating their own statistics.

2. FiveThirtyNine.org domain

Act quickly, since there can only be one. Unfortunately, FiveThirtyNine.com is already gone.

Price: $8.99 for the first year

3. The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t

Image: amazon

Price: $16.99

4. Fireplace

Image: amazon

Price: $153.14
Help them hack away at their anger by relaxing by the fire.

5. Group of people volunteering to do a poll

Image: michael reaves/Getty Images

Price: $0

6. Dedicate your Facebook status to them

Price: $0
They posted a lot of statuses before the election with links to FiveThirtyEight. You refused to share any of them, but now, you’ll show them your love by donating your status to them.

7. Dartboard with Nate Silver’s face on it

Image: amazon

Price: $23.99

8. Hot tub

Image: amazon

Price: $3,699.00
Keep up the relaxation.

9. Lush bath bomb

Image: lush

Price: $7.95

10. Mug with a hoop

Image: amazon

Price: $24.00

11. The Chopra Center’s Joyta Soothing Aroma Candle

Image: amazon

Price: $30.00

12. Flashlight

Image: amazon

Price: $9.99
Help them see the light in these dark times.

13. Boxing gloves

Image: amazon

Price: $20.00
They can channel their anger into exercise.

14. National Treasure on DVD

Image: amazon

Price: $9.96
Help restore their faith in America.

15. Big thing of milk

Image: amazon

Price: $50.00
It’ll help them calm down.

16. Index cards

Image: amazon

Price: $12.50
Help them create surveys so they can make polls of their own.

17. Golf pencils

Image: amazon

Price: $9.95
For writing on the index cards.

18. Snow globe of Canada

Image: amazon

Price: $52.00
They could always leave the country…

19. We Elect a President: The Story of Our Electoral College

Image: amazon

Price: $11.96

20. Plush fleece robe

Image: amazon

Price: $26.99

21. Lipitor

Price: $261.00 – prescription required
In case their anger is negatively affecting their health.

22. Magic 8 Ball

Image: amazon

Price: $5.35
Next time, they won’t be surprised by the results.

23. Tarot cards

Image: amazon

Price: $6.99

24. Trust falls

Price: $0
Do trust falls with your friend so that they can learn to trust again.

25. An Introduction to Statistical Learning

Image: amazon

Price: $72.62

26. Magnifying glass

Image: amazon

Price: $19.98
Help them see the truth.

27. Inflatable moonwalk

Image: amazon

Price: $399.99
To relieve some stress.

28. Dr. Jart sheet masks

Image: amazon

Price: $30.75
To keep calm.

29. An apology video from Nate Silver

Image: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Price: Unspecified? Impossible?
We’re not so certain he’s going to be willing to make your friend a video.

30. An apology video from you doing an impression of Nate Silver

Image: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Price: $0
It is much more likely that you’ll be able to make this. Get a wig, do your best shot at an impression and record it on your phone.

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