37 Times People Discovered Surprising Things Left Inside Buildings By Previous Owners

History is all around us, and if you look hard enough, sometimes it can be right under your feet… in the basement. Here is a list of people who made unintentional ‘archeological’ discoveries and then found a way to put them to good use.

Some of the artifacts are small, like coins hidden in the wall, while others are more permanent features to the structure of the building, such as an old well in the floor. No matter the size we can all agree it’s pretty cool to come across clues that tell us about times past, so scroll down below and enjoy these ‘rare antiquities.’ Don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Pulled Up The Carpet At The House, And Guess What I Found!

#2 I Was Helping My Dad Move Into His New Office, When We Found A Trapdoor

#3 Treasure In My Bathroom

#4 This Vintage Space Themed Wallpaper Found Under 3 Layers Of Other Wallpaper In An Old Farm House

#5 The Walgreens In My Neighborhood Used To Be A Bank And They Used Its Vault As Their Vitamin Section

#6 Found A Paw Print On A Brick Wall

#7 Friend Was Redecorating His New House And Found This Under A Layer Of Wallpaper

#8 The Table At This Pub Has A Well In The Middle Of It (England)

#9 Untouched 1800’s Cemetery Preserved In The Basement Of A Tall Building Built Over It

#10 Our New Apartment Has A Little Milk Door Under The Cabinets

#12 Found A Message While Removing Our Cork Floor Tiles

#13 Found Some Friends In A Mile-Long Tunnel That Travels Beneath My Apartment Building

#14 My Apartment Is An Old Police Station And Still Has The Original Cell Doors But Painted

#15 Lost Hippie Mural Found Under My Flooded House

#16 Found Some Nice Drawings Under The Wallpaper I’m Removing

#17 My Living Room Was Built Around A Huge Sandstone Rock

#18 This Wall Broke Exposing Years Of Layers Of Paint

#19 100-Year-Old Elevator Handle I Saved

#20 Uncovered At A Times Square Construction Site

#22 The House I’m Staying In Has Kept Its Original Well As A Feature

#23 So I Just Moved Into A New Apartment, And Made A Big Discovery

#24 I Recently Moved Into A 70s Porn Motif Dream Home. This Is My Bathtub

#25 I’ve Been Living In My House And I Just Noticed My Back Door Handle Is A Spoon

#26 Apparently, Disposing Of Old Razor Blades Inside Your Wall Was Acceptable In The 1950’s

#27 While Renovating My Basement We Found This Painting On The Cement Behind The Wall

#28 Found This 20-Year-Old Promise Hidden Under The Wallpaper In Our New House

#29 Friend Tore Down His Wall For Renovations And Found This Mural On Another Wall Behind It

#30 This Building Has The Original 1909 Electrical Switches

#32 This Mail Slot In A Building I Was In Today Sends The Mail Down 17 Stories To The Basement. Original From 1929

#33 My House Used To Be A Bank, So We Use The Old Safe/Vault As A Basement

#34 There’s A Random Chain Embedded In The Wall Of My 1930s-Era Home

#35 A House My Girlfriend And I Looked At Had A Shower In The Guest Room

#36 The Fan In My Toilet (Probably From The 70s) Has The Same Logo As Beats By Dre

#37 My House Still Has The Original Light Switches

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