Kitty Planes? Sprout Pencils? Earth Day’s Strangest Gifts

Earth Day is officially April 22, but protecting the planet is something we should do every day of the year.

A lot of crafty entrepreneurs have taken the concept of renew, reuse and recycle to weird lengths.

How so? How about a kilt made from recycled soda bottles? Or pasta made from crickets? How about a bottle opener made from bullets or bike chains?

Check out these products. If someone says, “Saving Planet Earth isn’t weird,” just tell them, “No, but this way is more fun.”

It’s like Captain Planet said back in the 1990s: “The power is yours!”

  • Airplane Cat House

    Snoopy the beagle isn’t the only pet who is a flying ace. Your cat can be one, too, thanks to this lovingly-recreated cardboard model of a P-47 plane. Not only does the propeller spin, but there are other cool details, including a “taped photo” in the cockpit that shows kitties in bikinis stretched out on lawn chairs next to a plastic pink flamingo. Oh, and it’s made from 100 percent recycled paper stock. (, $35)
  • Kilt Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

    These kilts made from recycled plastic bottles will definitely make a jogger “kilt” for speed. And if you decide to go commando underneath, you will definitely be forced to run faster than normal (if only to avoid arrest). (JWalkingDesigns, $62)
  • F Bomb Paperweight

    No, dropping f-bombs at the office isn’t always a good thing, but having this paperweight of recycled steel nearby will remind your irritating co-workers why they should stay on your good side. (, $45).
  • Pasta Made From Cricket Flour

    Eating bugs still turns some people off, even though they are more environmentally sustainable than beef. This pasta made from cricket powder and wheat flour is lower in carbs than regular pasta, while high in protein, non-dairy calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and Omega fatty acids. Plus, it’s worth it just to see the expressions on people’s faces when you tell them they just chowed down on bugs. (, $6.40)
  • Climate Change Coffee Mug

    Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee while lamenting the effects of climate change on the world. When filled with hot liquid, this coffee mug illustrates global warming by showing which areas of the world are liable to become deserts in the coming years. Mmmm, that’s good coffee. (, $14.99)
  • Worn Jean Stool

    This stool made from worn out jeans is the true epitome of reuse, renew, recycle. The jeans are coated with resin and formed into a sturdy piece of furniture that can hold 450 pounds. It costs $640, so you can expect the creator is making a lot of green. (UncommonGoods, $640)
  • Bike Chain Bottle Opener

    Usually, old bike chains are just allowed to rust away, but a group of artisans in Moradabad, India, have turned them into something every socially conscious beer drinker needs: A bike chain bottle opener. No, the chain isn’t long enough to allow it to double as a weapon. Can’t have everything. (, $10)
  • Sprout Pencil

    Writing is a dirty job. So is gardening. The Sprout Pencil combines both activities. A capsule of seeds comes in place of an eraser. When the pencil becomes too short to write with, it’s planted and the seeds in the capsule eventually become flowers or herbs. Sorry, Colorado: The herbs are strictly things like basil or coriander. (, $7.45)
  • Captain Planet Costume

    Back in the early 1990s, Captain Planet taught young kids about the dangers of pollution. With this authentic costume, you can teach the next generation the dangers of bad fashion. The power is yours. (, $59.99)
  • Bullet Bottle Openers

    “Shoot! This bullet casing has already been fired so I can’t load it.” “Shoot! I can’t find a bottle opener.” And so begins a truly bizarre salvaging attempt where old bullet casings are turned into bottle openers. As openers go, these are truly high caliber. (, $18.99)
  • StopinTime Shower Timer

    It’s important not to waste water, but when you’re in the shower and that hot water is pouring down, you can lose track of time. The Stop-In-Time Shower Timer uses the same technology that brought the world the hourglass and adapts to the heated environment of the shower. The low-tech product saves energy, but you might forget to look at it to see if you’re done. It happens. (, $3.33)
  • Billboard Bag

    Usually when a billboard is done being used, it gets thrown away, even though the material is made to withstand all sorts of weather. These billboard bags, which are made from the recycled signage, are a perfect way to advertise your willingness to help the environment., $30)
  • Kali Tampons

    Feminine hygiene and saving the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Kali Tampons are biodegradeable and 100 percent organic. The perfect product for a woman who wants to save the planet a few days every month, not just once a year on Earth Day. (, $6 for sample pack)
  • Lobster Rope Doormats

    Looking for an Earth-friendly way to get the dirt off your shoes? These doormats are made from ropes previously used to tether lobster cages off the coast of Maine. There’s no “claws” for alarm: The lobsters have been removed., $39.95)
  • Leashpod

    Anyone who has stepped in dog poop knows it’s one of the scourges of this planet. Trying to walk your dog and clean up after it can require a whole bunch of juggling. The Leashpod makes that easier by putting a baggie dispenser and a poop holder onto the leash. It should do the trick until someone invents something better: A dog that doesn’t poop. (LeashpodUSA, $34.95)

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