Multiple Ninja blenders, food processors, and other kitchen gadgets are on sale at Amazon

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It’s been way too long since we’ve found a good kitchen gadget deal that’s not on an Instant Pot. Seriously, it’s summer and we’re going to need dips and fruity smoothies on a weekly basis. This is not up for debate.

Amazon has saved the day by putting multiple Ninja kitchen items on sale, including food processors, slow cookers, and the infamous Nutri Ninja blenders. If you’ve been waiting for a sale to splurge (or need a last-minute Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves to cook), you’re welcome.

Just imagine the summer snack and smoothie possibilities that you’ll have if you have access to all this powerful Ninja stuff. But we’ll just let you know now: Once people find out you have something from Ninja, you’re going to be the designated snack person at parties. Sorry.


The Ninja Chef 1500W blender.

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  • The Ninja Chef 1500W blender is the heavy duty machine you need in your life. It features 10 pre-set Auto-iQ programs that aim to get rid of the guesswork in popular recipes, as well as 10 manual modes and speeds for extra customization on stubborn ingredients. Get it for $179.99 (list price $199)

  • The Nutri Ninja 1000W Auto-iQ Blender (BL482) is ideal for personal or two-person snacks and won’t take up a ton of room on the counter. Ninja’s Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction Technology and its Auto-iQ programs makes this Nutri Ninja great for easy veggie or fruit smoothies. Get it for $87.49 (list price $149.99)

  • The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo (BL642) includes a massive 72-ounce crushing blender cup as well as three sizes of grab and go Nutri Ninja cups. Auto-iQ programs are present as well. Get it for $169.99 (list price $249.99)

  • The 700W Ninja Fit is the fitness junkie’s new BFF: Its Pulse Technology and Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction Technolgoy allow you to make healthy AF pre and post-workout drinks. When it’s done, just grab the container off the blender, put on a sip-and-seal lid, and you’re off. Get it for $55.99 (list price $59.99)

 Other gadgets

The Ninja Slow Cooking System with Auto-iQ.

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  • The six quart Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ (CS960) is your answer for big meals like roasts, soups, or steamed veggies. This slow cooker makes baking, searing, poaching, and steaming, and other dinner prep seriously simple, with four Auto-iQ smart programs that basically do the work for you (including one that can have meals done in less than 30 minutes). Get it for $129.99 (list price $149.99)

  • The Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System (CT682SP) revamps the whole “the possibilities are endless” thing. With four attachments: a total crushing pitcher, a precision processor, a high-speed blender cup, and an auto-spiralizer, as well as the touchscreen smart base, you can already imagine the upgrade your kitchen is about to get. Get it for $219.99 (list price $269.99)

  • The Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper (NJ110GR) is just what it sounds like: A super sharp, super quick food chopper that makes recipes requiring tiny pieces of veggies or nuts 100 times easier. Get it for $19.95 (list price $24.80)

  • The Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor (QB900B) is the smaller version of that multi-part kitchen system we mentioned earlier. This features a 400 Watt power pod, a 48 ounce pitcher, a chopper bowl, chopping blades and blending blades, as well as multiple splash guards. Mincing, dicing, pureeing, and chopping have never been easier (or cleaner). Get it for $34.88 (list price $49.99)

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